About Us

To Maximize the return on IT investments—controlled costs while giving benefit from higher quality of services and innovative solutions to business challenges with Infrastructure Solutions from SGIT. Optimize infrastructure to improve quality of service and enhance security while reducing total cost of ownership and maximizing return on investment— with Infrastructure Implementation & Maintenance Services from SGIT.

Reducing total costs of infrastructure ownership while increasing quality of service is a common challenge for mid- to large-scale businesses. New IT projects and programs often fail to meet objectives due to lack of a shared vision, lack of sponsorship, unrealistic expectations, and ineffective planning. Legacy infrastructure environments often have significant deficiencies due to lack of coordinated hardware/software procurement and lack of strategic refresh plans. And many companies' internal IT organizations lack the experience with large-scale implementations and migrations to effectively and rapidly manage change.

SGIT has the expertise businesses need to manage large-scale infrastructure implementations, migrations, consolidations, and technology refreshes. By applying industry best practices and proven, proprietary methodologies, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions that support business strategy.

Our methodologies use a phased approach and supporting processes to ensure seamless implementations and migrations that minimize business disruption.

The approach includes:
Discovery, used to define and validate your requirements, dependencies, resources, and program scope
Architecture, defines the roadmap for the program to ensure compliance with industry best practices, thus minimizing TCO and maximizing ROI
Integration, a formal pilot program to validate the design and implementation plans focused on early discovery of issues
Deployment, a comprehensive program designed to address all aspects of the production environment including change schedules, people and processes, geography considerations, and security policies
Maintenance, comprehensive view into IT operations, Lower management costs and improved quality of service to users through consistent responses and continuous improvements.


Infrastructure Implementation & Maintenance Services from SGIT:
Lower TCO. By standardizing operating systems across the enterprise, organizations may lower costs associated with ongoing support and security.
Minimized risk. Our proven methodologies and use of industry best practices rapidly provide a road map for successful planning and execution that is transparent to the end user
Tailored migration plan. Our consultants are trained to understand the needs of your business and design a plan that minimizes disruption and maximizes your ROI.
Improved security. A standardized platform helps ensure software security and consistency of software versions and policies.